Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Bang Light Stick+Balloon+Bandana

**All item import from Korea
**Light Stick include battery
**Light stick will ship with bubble plastic and hardcard or boxes to protect the item to avoid damage!
**The item not include shipping and packaging fees.
**Foreigner Buyer do come and ask for price in USD
**Do accept bulk/group order with better price.Please come and contact for more details.
**All the picture original taken and edit by K-Shop.


**Big Bang 1st Version Light Stick
-Price :RM20.00 each

**Big Bang Korea Official Bandana**
-Size: 67X66cm
-Price :RM45.00 each

**Big Bang Balloon**
-Price :RM3.00 each

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  1. hi. do u sell the 3rd version lightsticks? how much is it?