Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SS501 Phone Strap

**All the Phone Strap Import from Korea
**The item not include shipping and packaging fees.
**Phone Strap will wrap with bubble plastic when ship out
**All the picture original taken and edit by K-Shop.
**Price :RM10.00 /USD3.00 each


**SS501 Group Phone Strap-Wing Version**

**SS501 Group Phone Strap-Double S Version**

**SS501 Individual Phone Strap-Kim Kyu Jung Version**

**SS501 Individual Phone Strap-Park Jung Min Version**

**SS501 Individual Phone Strap- Kim Hyun Joong Version**

**SS501 Individual Phone Strap-Heo Young Saeng Version**

**SS501 Individual Phone Strap-Kim Hyung JunVersion**

**SS501 Kim Hyung Joong Mobile Phone Cleaner Phone Strap**
-1 available


  1. omgosh, I have been looking for these phono charms with their names on it!

    May I have an estimate of shipping cost from Malaysia to the U.S.


  2. Oh gdness!! Pls tell me i can still place order... :'( I just lost my phone this evening... and that means i lost hyun joong phone strap too!! :'( Can i plsssss plssss order here?? Im in Singapore.

  3. mcm mana nx buat pembayaran yek ? dan shipping cost berape ? :D harap ada respon . terima kasih ~