Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2PM Character Socks

**All the socks import from Korea
**The item not include shipping and packaging fees.
**All the picture original taken and edit by K-Shop.
**Foreigner Buyer do come and ask for price in USD.
**Free Size
**Price: RM8 per pair

**2PM Jaebom Socks 1 pair-Green**

**2PM Jaebom Socks-Grey**

**2PM Nichkhun Socks 1 pair-Pink**

**2PM Nichkhun Socks 1 pair-brown**

**2PM Nichkhun Socks 1 pair-Blue**

**2PM Chan Sung Socks 1 pair-Green**

**2PM Chang Sung Socks 1 pair-White**

**2PM Junho Socks 1 pair-Grey**

**2PM Woo Young Socks 1 pair-Yellow**

**2PM Junsu Socks 1 pair-White**


  1. **2PM Nichkhun Socks 1 pair-brown**
    i'd like to book this? how?

  2. still available? how to make an order?